“Uncle Nath performed at our church ‘Men’s Conference’. He had the guys laughing from the start.  They enjoyed his anecdotes, stories and jokes, all of which were delivered in a humble, almost self-effacing persona. The gents identified with situations he portrayed, but most significantly, Uncle Nath entertained us without any swearing whatsoever.  That was the amazing bit, he was funny without profanity. All without victimising his audience members. Thanks Uncle Nath.” -Mal Walker


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“Uncle Nath is just a good old fashioned Aussie bloke who loves to laugh and loves to make people laugh. There’s a quintessential twang when he relays all the things we’ve all been thinking and is also exceptional at revealing the inner workings of a ’38 year old male’. He’s a mad Knights fan, but in the sense that he’s ready to accept their fate. And although he calls it $600 worth of frustration, there’s Newy pride flowing out of every single pore. He’s the every man. He’s your neighbour. The bloke across the road. That guy on the job site that’s making everyone laugh. Most importantly he’s a Novocastrian. He’s Uncle Nath. And he’s a bloody ripper. ” -Newcastle Mirage Dec 2016

“Super funny dude. Great for all ages could not stop laughing.”- Elijah Stevenson

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