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As a pastor of a church, it is my responsibility to ensure that what my congregation is exposed to is not dishonouring to God. 

I will admit. I was nervous (for the first 5 mins, then laughed heartily for the next hour and a half). 

Anybody wanting to invite people to church to get exposure to church, should get Uncle Nath. A big thank you. 

-Pastor Chris Burdett.


Nath has an amazing gift of clean stand up comedy. Amongst the laughter Nath shared his testimony.One of the new families said to me that he now understands why the church exists. It was risky to have a whole morning service around stand up comedy but the fruits of the service were amazing. People are still raving about the morning. Any church with a heart for those far from God, invite Nath to do his stuff, have a ball and lots of laughs while sharing the love of Jesus. 

-Pastor Mark Reilly 

Lighthouse Youth


"Nath is such a hilarious and down to earth guy, able to relate to our young people for such a cracker of a night! He really feels like part of the family and we can't wait to have him back again! Thanks Uncle Nath." - Jake Hartgers 

Bendigo Homeless Fundraiser


Firstly a big thank you. You made our Comedy Fundraiser the great success it was. The comedy  was entertaining and kept everyone laughing throughout your two sessions. The content of your show was suitable for the whole family. I would recommend Uncle Nath’s - ‘Dads have feelings too’ show, to any group! 

- Trevor Heinzel

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